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Thread: 78 SRX rear skid swap...???

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    I want to go to a 1" lug height and you can't get that in a 116" so that's why I want to go to a 121". For snow ovals (not Ice) it will work better in my situation

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    Just a thought, but lengthening the original skid for a 121 should be pretty simple or, simply a big wheel kit in back might make up your 121. Worth in-vestigating I would think. Definitely have to extend the sno-flap mount though either way. I am extending a 79 with a 129...but its getting a 700 triple.

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    Bringing this back up I"ve been thinking about replacing my skid from 116 to 121 on my 79 440 exciter because of more options of tracks out there. Does anyone have any pics of doing this I want to see how high the cg is raised I'm not to worried about extending the tunnel I've done a few in the past on powder sleds. This sled will be used for vintage rides in Michigan had packed trails and some snert.
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    Update: I ended up putting a Polaris skid out of a mid 80's model under it. Was a little work but it works great. Did some trimming on the attach points of the Polaris skid and had to move holes and install plates in tunnel to get the right attack angle I wanted on the track and driver clearance. I used a Polaris track off a 98 XC 600 got it all picked up as well. I also removed the tunnel heat exchanger and put a Polaris running board style on. As to date things have been working fine, just a little fine tuning.
    Did raise the rear up a bit
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