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Thread: New 2017 VK540 first look.

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    Hi All. I'm a newb to forums, so bare with me.

    I've bought the new VK540 (black) for hauling and general transport. We have mountains, tundra, frozen ocean, delta and tiaga around my area, all within 100km. I've been looking for reviews but haven't been able to find anything straight from an owner's POV. The local dealer has a three left, and thus far I'm the only one who bit the bullet and bought in.

    I've used the previous edition of VK up in the high arctic. All the usual complaints but when it was humming along it served its purpose, hauling muskox to the slaughter. The upgrades are welcome. On that, so far at just over 500km: the rear suspension is great and makes for better reversing; the heated carb (takes some time to kick in) makes for efficiency, quicker warm-up to moving on two firing cylinders at -35C; new carb has not fouled a plug; seat is very comfortable and fits my wife, two young sons and myself if need be; fuel economy is...well, the larger tank gives about 200km range; wider skis could be wider but are alright, engine ventilation is improved; grips are warm and switches are durable; improved shield is great and keeps one warmer on the nastier days; I can go on.

    A little bit about the experience: the machine is not skandic and even with the up-sized lugs she doesn't like to climb in tiaga in loose snow while hauling even a light load - you have to pin it which just doesn't work in most cases. It does haul like a bastard, though and maneuvers better with improved suspension. In the sketchier non-hauling, more adventurous riding situations, its still a viking and takes a lot of effort to maneuver. I trust the machine more than any other i've been on because Yam changed only what needed to be changed without compromising the durability and dependability we need up here. It's so heavy and I feel as if it is heavier than the last edition I'll stop by the weigh station to get a read for you guys as I can't find it listed anywhere.

    Deep snow: as I mentioned before, one could use wider skis if deep snow was always a concern as the machine will plow through anything and the result is that snow enters the fan and turns to slush, etc. Not ideal, so best to be above the powder. We recently broke over 20km of 4 foot snow. I had to hit the herman nelson when we returned to dry her out.

    I'm happy to answer any questions and provide updates or pictures should anyone request.
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    Welcome to the TY forums.Love to hear about the updates and pics of the new VK as time goes on.Seems to be a few new vk540 owners in the Quebec/Labrador with motor failures(hopefully due to bad gas).

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    How's it been treating you? I've been enjoying mine for sure. I've been reluctant to really take it in too much deep off-trail, but it has been great all around and pulls very well when that's required.

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