I love my 2 strokes. But what comes to mind when I read this thread is: Why not compare displacement? It seems like the new (old norm) is to disregard displacement in comparing machines. As we probably all know, it's a ploy to market more expensive machines, that have higher maintenance costs....win win for the manufacturers.

The Sidewinder looks cool, but Yamaha knowingly is trying steer the market rather then listen to demand. KTM understands the market in the dirt bike world. They've just put r & d into their 2 strokes and now the new rave in dirt bikes is EFI 2 strokes. They are following the market as a manufacture should.

If Yamaha were to put out a similar displacement 2 stroke, then this would be a more interesting discussion.

As for SXViper-x's question that started this, it's a great question. Can a smaller displacement, non turboed, 20 something year older machine, compete with a Sidewinder?