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    I have a 02 srx I wanna grass drag it has transfer rods 144 1.325 studs and growler can in it and a thunder shift kit I wanna figure out what size weights and gears I need also wanna snow drag 660

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    well thundershift is heelclicker 4.8 heel 3.3 center ad 3,3 tip red spring/in the secondarry you can use the stock red but it may slip so stock yamaha green should be used depending on your weight 60-70 twist stock 47 will work but get some other helixes to play with shift-gears in the chaincase most mtn sleds that run a 144 should have a20 /40 in it but a 21/38 setup will work too,studs may hurt you you might need to take some out to keep from lifting pull the limiter straps all the way up this should keep it from lifting and not hooking ,just hook and go-you can even just run no studs with = less rotating mass and you can stay taller geared and come off a little softer on the holeshot,snow drags is a whole new animal,however chizels work on grass and ice would just be a matter of gearing and jetting between winter and summer alot to it do some research first on what type of racing your going to do each is its own setup what works on grass wont work on ice and both of those not in the snow or on tar and get a stock cn on it your loseing 10-15 hp with that can!!~my 02c matt

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