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To add a tether on any of these two stroke Yammies you need to tap into the black/white stripe and black wires. Connecting these two wires anywhere in the system kills ignition. The tether switch needs to be a "normally open" switch which means that when the tether is installed the switch is off or open.

I find the wires under the handle bar pad, peal back to expose the wire and solder in a tap to hook the tether to. The crimp lock T connectors work fine until they corrode and they may fail. I've seen it happen so I don't trust them.

4 strokes are basically the same. Did my 03 RX1 the same way. The newer ones may have changed wire colors (don't know). The difference is a 4 stroke needs a normally CLOSED switch as disconnecting the two wires kills ignition.

Thanks for the additional info opsled!

I agree on the crimp lock connectors that's why I wrapped them in electrical tape! As I stated I went Solid black to Solid brown and Black/White to Black/White under the handle bar pad wiring harness coming off the kill Switch and it works fine. I didn't have a solid black wire in my kill switch harness just the brown, black/white, and black/yellow.