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Thread: A FUNNY 81 SRX story....

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    Default A FUNNY 81 SRX story....

    Its the Winter of 1989-1990 and Im working as a Transmission Tech at a local FORD DEALER and i ask to borrow a cargo rental van from my job ...I load the 1981 Yamaha SRX in the back of the cargo van with a suitcase and pick up my BRAND NEW GIRLFRIEND for a whirlwind trip to WISCONSINS NORTHWOODS for a snowmobile adventure to try and IMPRESS HER...... So,, we go to Maple Shores Motel in THREE LAKES WISCONSIN and I pull out my BUILT TO DEATH Yamaha SRX and spend the next HALF AN HOUR trying to get her started.. EVENTUALLY she starts to run and we BOTH hopped on and made it about 500 feet ! I got off and pulled it another 100 times to try and get her to run AGAIN... She finally started and we BOTH jumped on her AGAIN to go another few hundred feet... Now she's probably thinking "what a GREAT MECHANIC" this CLOWN is !!!! Eventually I got it back into the van and took it home to Chicago and figured out that it was the FUEL that I PREMIXED with an oil that turned into boogers and clogged up the main jets occasionally and the sled wouldnt run.. it took me about a MONTH to figure out it was the fuel in the tank after taking this WHOLE MOTOR APART at LEAST TWICE and NOT seeing the boogers in the float bowl.... I was standing at a DISPLAY today and TOTALLYAMAHA TOM ( Mr Sled) walked up to me when I was standing in front of the ALMOST IDENTICAL SLED and I had to tell HIM and his Girlfriend the story.. I NEVER told ANYONE that story before !!! That girl that I took snowmobiling that weekend actually HATED SNOWMOBILING after that episode but later she MARRIED ME and NOW she has her OWN SNOWMOBILE and she LOVES IT !!!! We've coms a LONG WAY BABY !!!
    Gary Oles nosboy
    TRY KLOTZ !!!

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    Nice story! Lol
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    Good Old SRX Stories, I'm sure everyone has one.
    Mine was passing cars up the highway on the shoulder, cracking the throttle, & feeling the skis come off the ground, as she roared on by. It Felt & was AWESOME!!!

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