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Thread: Bad bog after full throttle on Viper

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    Default Bad bog after full throttle on Viper

    So I picked up an ‘03 Viper recently. It Had a bad bog after a full throttle pull. It pulled about 7800 rpms and I tried to burp it after the pull and there was no throttle response. Just “baaahhhh”. No brap. I have to completely stop and take off again for it to work. I went through the carbs completely and put it back together tonight and the same thing happened.
    Power Valves?

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    I would start by checking fuel filter, make sure it’s not plugged. From there look at spark plugs, wet or dry?
    If dry look into the fuel supply. If they are wet, most likely a spark or ignition problem. Check the gap, Check spark plug boots. And go from there.

    I would definitely pull out power valves inspect and clean as needed.

    I would do a visual check of the clutch’s. Look for anything out of the ordinary,

    Hope this helps.
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    way low topend rpm, (Should be 8600rpm) check powervalves,stuck or not connected to cables anymore.
    It's just a little 700!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey9965 View Post
    "Just “baaahhhh”. No brap. I have to completely stop and take off again for it to work."
    This sounds like TORS is activating. Make sure you have plenty of slack in the throttle cable at idle, and thus plenty of free play in the thumb lever before it begins to open the carbs. Search on here, plenty of good helpful reading on TORS.

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    1. Free play at the throttle needs to be at least 2mm.
    2. Handlebar riser or not.

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    Also when you look at the valves make sure they are not upside down. The big bevel goes down. That is exactly what my srx did when I first got it and they were upside down.
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