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Thread: 2004 venom fuel pump ?

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    Default 2004 venom fuel pump ?

    Hi, does anyone know if the fuel pump on a venom,has a built in fuel shutoff, my sled sits around for a week or two and the crankcase is loaded with gas, pulled off vacum line from pump and no fuel on that side of pump,which is good, could it be a tank venting issue or a bad fuel pump.

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    Sounds like a stuck check valve in fuel pump. Not sure about venom but you could clean the old red head fuel pumps.
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    If the tank vent is plugged, it could push gas through the carbs if the pressure rises in the tank enough, especially if the carb needle & seat sealing has become weak. Which then leads in to:
    If your O-ring on the carb needle seat hasn't been replaced recently, they tend to stiffen up and not seal so well over time. Also check the tip of the needle and its' corresponding sealing surface inside the seat to make sure they are smooth and not damaged. In either case, fuel can flow through the carb and into the engine case, whether the tank vent is plugged or not.

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