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Thread: 1978 EX Exciter 440 Hi/Lo Headlight Switch Removal

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    Default 1978 EX Exciter 440 Hi/Lo Headlight Switch Removal

    Can someone explain to me how to remove the hi/lo headlight switch for these sleds? The new one almost looks like it snaps into place, but not too sure how to get the old one out. If anyone has any experience in this, before I snap something off, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance....

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    At the rear of the old rectangular switch assembly there is a small phillips head screw that secures the assembly to the bracket that it goes into. You should see this screw next to the brake lever.

    Simply remove that screw, take out the old switch assembly and put the new one in.

    I've found that when putting the new one in that you'll want to first try to "snap" the front of the assembly in first, than slowly lift the rear of the new assembly in place while keeping a slight rearwards pressure on it until everything looks to be in place just like the old one did.

    Once it looks like everything is lined up replace the screw into the new assembly.

    And congratulations on working on a sled in mid-May!

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    Thanks for the reply. I got busy with other things and forgot to check back.

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