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Thread: Can you identify ?

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    Default Can you identify ?

    Can anyone tell me what the black silencer is ?
    It is for a SRX, has the same inlet as the Bender silencer below it.
    So, it must fit the stock pipes.
    But has three separate exits ?
    1997 700 SX

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    Looks to me like Bender race can\stingers for stock pipes or new style hauck growlers

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    The bottom is a bender

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    Yep, that I knew, actually found a old post that said it’s a bender, made by dynoport, was called a 3-pack silencer. i guess
    bender used it on their big bore and high rpm pipes. Only thing I’m not sure of, is performance, I assume it loses power like the rest of them ? Wonder which one of the two would be better?
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    1997 700 SX

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    the black one is a old dynoport, you had to drill holes in bellypan for it to fit, that's what the plate is for, they are LOUD! and as everyone knows the bender can is the bottom one, sounds like a indy car. None of them make power more power over stock, they just make a lot more noise and you do lose a couple pounds of stationary weight with them. The stock muffler as big and heavy as it is works quite well. The exhaust system on a srx(stock) was so well designed it was very hard to improve upon. that's why you wont find much to choose from as far as replacement triple pipes that make more power then stock. Aaen built a set but they save weight but no power gain. The bender big bore pipes (also made by dynoport) did yield power gains on a highly modded 700 engine, they even had a set of hi rpm race pipes that worked good. The hauck race pipes were nothing more then ski doo 600 blanks made to fit a srx chassis, they lost torque!
    It's just a little 700!

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