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Thread: New yamaha 2 stroke sled?

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    Saying a mountain sled gets the heck beat out of it is the opposite to a trail sled in my experience. A mountain sled rides in soft powder as much as possible. The only time they get beat up is when folks take them off trail too early when there isn't enough snow to cover the stumps and stuff under the snow, or riding the trail from the unloading area before reaching a point that every one bails off in a different direction.
    A trail sled is getting the snot beat out of it all the time from all the whoops in the trails. Even if groomed in the morning by the end of the day they have 2' whoops in them. Perhaps it is different in a trail riding dominant area with miles of trails, but around here everyone has to ride the same few miles of trail from the unloading area and it is a mess by the end of the day.
    I realize that there are a ton of trail riders, but here in the west there is quite a market for mountain sleds. I can't remember the last time I saw a sled with shorter than a 153" around here. My 144" Viper is a short tracked sled here. When you've ridden in an area that is predominantly trail riding it is hard to imagine there are many folks buying and riding mountain sleds. The same is true here for me...just never see a trail sled and its weird to imagine there are a bunch of them being sold and used. Nobody ever buys one around here. Heck, people are starting their kids on 144's.
    When riding powder the handlebars are just something to hang on to, most steering is done with body weight. After a whole day of this on a 600 lbs sled vs. a 500 lbs sled, well it is night and day. Pardon my "whining".
    I'd love to see the value numbers between trail sleds and mountain sleds from the 4 manufacturers. I'm betting the mountain segment is a sizeable least for 3 of them.
    I'm sure Yamaha has their reasons for not wanting to consider a 2-stroke mountain sled. I was raised riding Yamaha everything...Enduro, YZ80, YZ125, YZ400, YZ490, Enticer, Phazer, Exciter, Vmax, SRX, Viper, Kodiaks, Grizzlies. All other brands are brand x to me (except for a CR500, which was a good reliable machine) and I'd rather not have to buy one. So yes, I'm disappointed they won't build one.
    This from a 45 year old guy that would rather die then be considered an "alpha bro guy"...whatever the heck that is.
    I wasn't aware the sport is being "ruined"? It is going strong here...especially the after sale service business.
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