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Thread: ET 300 carb change - OEM style or new 38?

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    Default ET 300 carb change - OEM style or new 38?

    I have a 300 Enticer with an iffy carb. It is missing one of those little brass plugs on the outside, and spits drops of gas when the throttle is blipped. I'm not a fan of running it this way. I have a video I can share if anyone wants to see it.

    Looking around on forums, it seems many guys have changed out to newer VM32 type carbs.

    My basic question is, is it better to just move to a VM32 instead of replacing with an in-kind antique replacement carb?

    Following that, what would I try for jets/needles? Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. I think I can pull it off, but it is a bit intimidating.
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    if you are not racing it in a class that calls for stock carb, go ahead and replace it. as to a starting point, i would jet it fatter than you would for a 340/377cc single carb sled as a starting pint and then read the plugs at different rpm ranges to make sure it is safe.
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