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Thread: drilling holes in hy fax (slides)

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    Default drilling holes in hy fax (slides)

    Looking through the tech articles there is a reference to drilling a pattern of holes in the slides to trap and hold snow. This is supposed to increase slide longevity. I am looking for anyone who has personal experience doing this and if they felt it was a worthwhile effort?

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    I've done it in the past,not from any particular pattern just went at the hyfax.The trick I found was to drill your holes angled slightly so that the snow is rammed into the holes from the front of the skid area.I've seen guys drill the holes straight up into the hyfax and I'm sure that will work too but if you angle your holes forward it will keep them full of snow better IMO.As far as size of the holes if I remember right I used a 3/16" drill bit but 1/4 " seems to be the average size used,just don't drill through your sliders too far,you just want the holes big enough and deep enough to hold snow so that it will melt out once the temps of the sliders gets hot enough.Personally I think it helps to prolong the life of the hyfax.
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    Dupont slides are worth the cost, so if you have the skid off the sled anyways, so just go for them then.
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