Well I'm about 5 weeks away from the first drag races of the local season. Taking my old 78 srx 440 to run in 600 stock class. Not much here for vintage sleds so they are allowing me to run my lightly modded 440 in 600 class. Going up against a mach z 600 and a 600 cat efi that I know of. I'll post the results after the race. Should be interesting.
Also taking my stock 98 srx 700 mtn, running 8bu , dalton blue primary , green secondary and dalton 51/43. Running against 2001 srx and vipers and who knows what else. Hoping to take down the modded 700 mountain max that's been taking the 700 and 800 mod classes the last year or so. Again I'll post results.
wish me luck7