Hi all,
I just got a 02 MM700. I've had a lot of questions on it. I wanted to install an MPI transfer kit on it, but I am struggling to find the info I need to make my own. Today it dawned on me that we have a 136 Polaris skid and track from an 04 RMK 550 Trail in storage. Would it be worth looking into swapping my stock skid out for that? If so, how much work is it going to be? and can I still run my 141" track with that skid? I'd love to lighten up the back end of the sled and improve weight transfer, but I definitely don't want to be shorter than 141. I also don't want to make this an overly expensive endeavor, as I'll likely upgrade to a newer sled next year, and just have this as a buddy sled.

I have access to sheet metal manufacturing if I need to make any one-off mounting brackets which might save me some time as well.

Thanks for any suggestions.