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Thread: endurance racing vmax 4

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    Default endurance racing vmax 4

    I have a question on this forum. Not sure if I'm on the right one but maybe point me in the right direction. I've got a 92 vmax 4 and I want to race it. It's not ice or grass drags and it's not lake or oval races. It's called the alcan 200 and it's in Haines, ak. It's a road rally. It's an all highway race and we shut the road down for the day. It's a 200 mi race and everyone's average speed range depending on the class that your in. But anyways I'm trying to get the most speed out of this tank. I know they are fast but I need overdrive on the clutch. The whole works without getting a turbo or no2. Just looking for some insight. Thank you

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    what is more important to you, speed or fuel milage?
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    We have 2 fuel stops. So I'm not too worried about that. I hear that they are gas hogs. It's a timed race so um looking for speed....

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    I heard there was a place upper Wisconsin area or Michigan that can do overdrive on the clutch.... Does anyone know who that might be....?

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    Why not install taller gearing instead of the OD primary sheave? If you plan to hold this thing near wide open for 200 miles, 2 gas stops isn’t going to cut it. I would think 60-70 miles per tank when trail riding is about average....

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    I think it is Hauck Power Sports is the one I think you are talking about for the primary machining.


    PS, I agree with Woody. Three tanks of fuel won't get you 200 miles running that hard. I burned 23 gallons in 160 miles racing Sidewinders on the river last year on a 92 750. Only about half those miles were all out. Vmax-4 loves fuel.
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    Used to be several that machined the overdrive as Yamaha actually laid out the the specs in the early drag manuals. Should still be a viable upgrade even on the 4 strokers. I may have a contact still if he's not in the ground, been a bit since we played with clutches. I will give him a jingle.

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    On my 92 vmax crank was 180ed and welded, bender quad pipes. 2 fuel stops are not enough. mine was set up for mountain riding custom tunnel rolled chain case. I had a polaris 11gaL TANK AND AFTERMARKET SEAT. it would burn 2 1/2 tanks in a days riding hard, riding deep snow. in BC. I agree with these guys gear the sled up. running flat out you will probably run out of gas. I love the old vmax 750 and 800 parts are getting hard to find.

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