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Thread: Arctic Cat fire sale...

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    Default Arctic Cat fire sale...

    A local Arctic Cat dealer is closing shop here so i stopped in and got a few team cat shirts half price(once owned a 94 Puma,fun sled until the crank snapped in half)also got a bag load of cat logo coat hangers.All there sleds were gone but the other merch was being sold off(Got a cat belt holder for the back of my phazer).Also noticed the local classifeds giving major discounts on year old or older non-current Cat snowmobiles Heres another And another from a different dealer Never seen a manufacturer give these kind of rebates since the late 1990s.You guys seeing the same thing on the mainland and in the states?

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    Textron is liquidating by the sounds of it
    a wise man from canada once told me
    "there are only 2 types of sleds. 2 STROKES and 4 JOKES" !!!

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