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Thread: Viper BTX verses Sidewinder BTX

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    Default Viper BTX verses Sidewinder BTX

    I looking at up grading from a 2011 Nytro XTX to a Sidewinder BTX. Probably 80% of my riding is in 2 feet of powder or so and about 20% is groomed trail. My thoughts are to upgrade to the Sidewinder turbo for a little extra power in the powder. I feel the Nytro XTX is good in the powder but the Sidewinder turbo would be better. The Viper BTX has the same motor as the Nytro but has the longer track. I know the Nytro motors are bullet proof. How good are the Sidewinder motors? Are they trying to squeeze out too much horsepower by adding a turbo?

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    Denare Beach? You must know Lenti and Dick. Anyway, I don't have personal experience with the SW turbo, but it is designed right in to the 998. It is not an add-on. Guys that use them seem to love them. If I was shopping for one, I would be looking at the 162. The 998 is a beast, almost scary. But the 1049 NA is nothing to sneeze at either. By the way, you will find more responses over at ty4stroke. This site is focused more on the old 2 smokers.

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    x2 on more info over on
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