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Thread: SRX 700 engine braking

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    Default SRX 700 engine braking

    Wondering if anything can be done to increase the engine braking on a 1998 SRX 700. When you get off the gas it feels like it will coast for a mile. If you are riding a different sled and decide to jump on this one, chances are you blowing through the first corner since you're used to more engine brake. I hate being on the brake all the time. My MXZ and phazer basically brake for me in corners. Probably nothing that can be done but just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sounds like your SRX is working as designed, and the other ones aren’t.
    Only 4 strokes engine brake, and personally, I dislike it.
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    the mxz and such have much more aggressive backshifting, hence the engine braking effect....I suppose you could maybe setup the srx clutching to be similar?

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    Your 8dn-00 weight can always be changed out. An experienced SRX guy will have to confirm, but I believe 8BU-10s would be better back shift. This was just a observation from the weight chart. I have zilch experience in SRXs.
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    An SRX is built for speed, it's not supposed to engine brake at all. Instead of ruining that, maybe you should use another sled riding where you need to brake it in the corners.
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    The stock handbrake works fine for corner to corner braking

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