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Thread: Pricing a Used Trailer

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    Default Pricing a Used Trailer

    Wondering how to price a used trailer' Triton Elite 16-101 3-place; in like new condition. How can I establish a "blue book" value; I can't find anything on KBB or NADA and was wondering what else might be out there or if I just missed it? Thanks.

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    Best is to find similar size / design trailer in our specific area and "compare" each other. Since each region has different selling prices, their re-sale values can dramatically vary. For example... In my region, a 6x12 enclosed 2016 trailer with rear ramp door in near mint condition is $4,900+. But in other regions, this exact same trailer sells for $3,000. Thus, best to shop around in your specific region or as far as you want to drive (to buy one).
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