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Thread: Extra idlers in rear skid

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    Default Extra idlers in rear skid

    Has anyone found a better substitute for extra idlers than the accessory wheels from Yamaha?I have the accessory wheels mounted in my '01 SRX skid and have had a couple come loose over the past couple years and were lost even though loctite was used on the bolts and I'm getting tired of having to replace them just not to mention it gets expensive.I have the wheels on the front bend of the rail and they are still in place but the ones I keep losing are back on the rail roughly where the rider would sit.What I have thought about trying is a regular axle that goes from one side to the other with wheels in the middle but want to know if anyone else has had this kind of mod done with success.
    Or would I get comparable anti slider wear from just going to larger idlers like the Polaris ones?
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    kimpex makes ones for the apex that are larger diameter.

    you could add an axle or wheels to it but you need to ensure that they will not interfere with anything at full collapse.
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    I just put on 5.35 inch wheels. Use your OEM bushings

    You can also put them on the shaft in the rear jost forward of the rear axle if your still using the pro action skid

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