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Thread: 93 exciter II acting strange

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    Default 93 exciter II acting strange

    sled ran perfect until i took it out onto the lake to go "wicked fast" for a while, coming back i noticed she had a hard time revving down. now she has a hard time trying to idle, and i have to open the throttle a bit to start it. rev it up and it doesn't like to rev down. would a bad crank seal do this or perhaps it just a carb problem? sticky or clogged choke ? any thoughts or opinions would be a great help before i start tearing down in the wrong direction.

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    Crank bearing for sure. Wrist pins & rings should be.
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    it was using enough oil?
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    yes, she has no problems suckin the oil down, i run it a bit rich on oil. i've often thought about ripping the oil pump out and just tank mix, but thats a different discussion. so the bad crank seal makes sense because it's sucking air just as if the carb slides were opening right? that also explains bad idle 'cause the mixture isn't proper when she's sucking air right? I've heard about the ether spray trick, i'll try that.
    bummer. i'm not young anymore (5 and these tear down projects just aren't as much fun as they use to be lol. the sled has 8000+ miles but i'm still getting 125 lbs on both jugs' hadn't planned on a top rebuild until it got worse. she has plenty of punch left, exciter really was a good name wasn't it? surprising power for a sub 6. now that it's black fly season here i'll wait till fall and do a total rebuild on it. thanks for the advice guys

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