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Thread: Best snowmobile lift for Mountain Max 700

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    Default Best snowmobile lift for Mountain Max 700

    Hello all,

    Just bought this beauty and oh god the rear is way higher than my former 121" Popo!!!. I'd like your advise on the best lift for the rear as I'm using dolly into the garage and want to be able to swith easely from the dolly to the lift.

    I just used a 6*6 wood block but damn this is very high and not an easy process, especially to do alone !!! Maybe a safe model exist on the market?

    Thanks to let me know your experience.

    LOVE my Moutain Max !!

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    For my 1999 Yamaha Venture 600 2-up sled, I used manual lift from Princess Auto. This works for me. Not too sure if it will work for your specific extra long sled.


    Note: For lifting my long 2-Up sled, I find it best (easiest) to put little dollies under its front skis first. This lifts the front higher. I then lift its rear next. This works best for me as well.

    Hope this helps...
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