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    I have acquired a 96' 485 out of a Phazer Mnt Lite. Free of course. The sled had filled a cylinder/crank case with gas when the PO was out riding. They fired it up and shut it off and towed it out. Has one bent rod. Everything else seems ok. I plan on having a new connecting rod and Connecting rod bearings installed. along with new seals and gaskets. AssuMEing I can get this done for a reasonable price (to me) I will likely replace the pistons and rings at the same time. Cylinders look good. but a light hone wont hurt. a quick measure showed std bore. I will have that confirmed with real tools later. looks like SPI has all the parts I need, and it looks to me like there are SPI pistons in it now. What are your thoughts on the SPI products? for a few dollars more Wiseco pistons are available, and others. If I can get it running i can have the chassis as well. But we wont go there right now. Am I forgetting anything its just a toy.
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    Between the two, stick w/ the SPIs. Wiscos expand at a different rate and can cause problems if you do not adhere to a STRICT warmup routine. SPIs & OEM are much more forgiving.

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    Thanks for the information, I can use all the forgiveness I can get.

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    I put SPI pistons in my phazer, good stuff!

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    I dropped the crank of today. And will order up the pistons when that comes back.Thanks Shaggy

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