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    I have acquired a 96' 485 out of a Phazer Mnt Lite. Free of course. The sled had filled a cylinder/crank case with gas when the PO was out riding. They fired it up and shut it off and towed it out. Has one bent rod. Everything else seems ok. I plan on having a new connecting rod and Connecting rod bearings installed. along with new seals and gaskets. AssuMEing I can get this done for a reasonable price (to me) I will likely replace the pistons and rings at the same time. Cylinders look good. but a light hone wont hurt. a quick measure showed std bore. I will have that confirmed with real tools later. looks like SPI has all the parts I need, and it looks to me like there are SPI pistons in it now. What are your thoughts on the SPI products? for a few dollars more Wiseco pistons are available, and others. If I can get it running i can have the chassis as well. But we wont go there right now. Am I forgetting anything its just a toy.
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    Between the two, stick w/ the SPIs. Wiscos expand at a different rate and can cause problems if you do not adhere to a STRICT warmup routine. SPIs & OEM are much more forgiving.

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    Thanks for the information, I can use all the forgiveness I can get.

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    I put SPI pistons in my phazer, good stuff!

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    I dropped the crank of today. And will order up the pistons when that comes back.Thanks Shaggy

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    Got the crank back from the shop. They needed the case to true the crank for some reason but it sure turns smooth. Time to get the other parts coming,
    Picked up a Venture chassis with a bad motor. Looks like the Phazer 2 ST will have to wait for while longer. IMG_2300.jpgIMG_2231.jpg

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    Got the SPI 10 over pistons and a gasket kit and put it all together today. need to get my hands on the Venture stater and flywheel to get that assembled. Was a fun build, and learned a lot on the forum using the old search feature. Thanks to those who chimed in on there thoughts. Will give an update at the end of season as to its running status (being my first rebuild and all).

    I already relocated the extended nuts to there proper location so please don't roast me on that.
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