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Thread: 1998 phaser 500 starting issues

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    Default 1998 phaser 500 starting issues

    I am new to snowmobiling- last winter was my first ride. I purchased a 99 Yamaha phaser. Ran well. No issues running- it did dart back and forth a bit, but that is not my problem. When I went to summarize it, I went to start, which it did, but throttle was stuck- could not push in. Impatiently I pushed hard and it went in and completely shut off never to start again. After looking, the throttle cable came off. Now I have no spark.
    Any ideas? I have no electric knowledge what so ever.

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    welcome to the site!

    i would 1st make sure the kill switch is up and the ignition is on (been there done that).

    next you need to check the resistance on the spark plug caps as they can go bad with age.

    make sure all the grounds for the cdi, coils and from engine to frame are good.

    next step i would take is to bypass the tors with the track off of the ground on a stand.

    try all this 1st and it should narrow the great spark hunt down. still a few more things to try/check but these are a good start.

    check for spark at all steps
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