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Thread: If you were me... what would you do??? part 1

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    A buddy of mine had even piggy back ohlins for his MM, but they went with the sled when it was sold. Not sure what model they were for originally.
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    1999 VT 600. European edition. Cargo rack, cargo box, tow hitch, 50/36 Dalton helix.
    1997 VT 500.Tempaflow, dupont hyfax, belly pan protector, 39 deg helix, heeclickers, tow hitch.

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    hmm interesting. i bought a set of rear olins from a mountain max and put them into a 02 sx viper. they matched up for length and worked well on it. now have that same set of shocks in a 2005 sx venture and they are a huge improvement over the stock ones.
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