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Thread: 1992 Venture TF, sticking primary

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    Default 1992 Venture TF, sticking primary

    My friend's mothers 1992 Venture TF sticks the primary clutch when it gets up to temp. Then you will have to let it cool, and then it will pop right out, and you can continue riding it.
    The primary is well taken care of, has been in and out of shops the last years, and it works for a while, and then it's the same. I took it off, and the only immediate thing I could see, was that the spider har some wear/scratches to it, and when compressing the primary it makes a noise when the moveable sheave goes through that area, like if you scratched it wit sandpaper almost. Could the spider be the culprit, damaging the bushing in the moveable sheave?
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    i assume all the bushings and plastics are new and it is clean. i only had one do this and it was a sled that the primary clutch was all rusty where the bushing ran. i cleaned it and it worked great afterwards. i cleaned its running mate before i ran it and it has been no problem. if you are getting binding with new bushings, it might be time for a new clutch.
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