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Thread: 2002 SXR 600, major back fire and antifreeze on the ground, Why?

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    Default 2002 SXR 600, major back fire and antifreeze on the ground, Why?

    So a buddy of mine is dropping off a 2002 SXR 600 for me to look at. I have been told at the end of last year the sled was running great. He took the sled out for the first ride this year and it was not sounding right so he installed three new plugs. He went to take if for a quick ride and went about 1000 feet and said the sled completely shut off. The sled would not start up again. He also said it still didn't sound right so he towed it back to the trailer. He notice antifreeze under the sled when he went to tow it back to the trailer. After about 4 hours he decided to try to start the sled again, the sled gave a major back fire and blew off the exhaust but did start but didn't sound correct.

    So we have back fire and possibility of antifreeze on the ground. What would cause this to happen? Maybe no spark in one cylinder, would this cause the back fire? Why would we see antifreeze on the ground, head gasket bad? He said there was not a ton of antifreeze on the ground but for sure had some.


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    Has it last years fuel?
    Check you rodents nests in exhaust.
    Where is A/F coming from?

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    not sure how much of the fuel was from last yea. I will check for nest and also will need to look and see were the A/F is coming from when he drops it off

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    Started working on the sled, took the air box off and notice it was only clamped onto 2 carbs. Took carbs off and clean the jets and installed carb back on. Installed the air box the correct way and checked for spark. Looks like all three cylinders are fine. Started machine up and ran nice. Filled radiator and ran sled and notice dripping from under the sled. Checked the engine compartment and no hoses leaking so it may be the radiator. Have to look more into this. Pulled exhaust off and found no nest or any other objects in the exhaust. buddy came over to look at the sled and when he started the sled up it did backfire once but still sounds great. Not sure why the backfire when he started the sled. Any help would be great

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    I notice sleds backfire when they get excessive fuel usually when they dont start right away.
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    O-rings on needle and seats will pass excessive fuel through.
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