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Thread: Turn off using choke?

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    As already stated, your oil is mixed with fuel in your fuel pump before it ever gets to your carbs.. At no time are you leaning out your oil vs fuel ratio by using your choke.
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    2000 Venture 700

    -Head gasket thinned
    -Stainless reed stoppers notched
    -Cobra 1.35 x 136" track
    -Home made transfer rod
    -Boss Seat
    -Apex helix, 8ch weights, +2.8g per tip, wpw spring, 8dn belt, green sec @ 70
    -22-39 gears with reverse
    -Rox 3" risers
    -Plastic skis
    -Drilled can
    -Electric start system and ring gear removed.
    -LED headlight and tale light

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