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Thread: Cracked Welds on EXUP Exhaust

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    Default Cracked Welds on EXUP Exhaust

    Pulled The Exhaust on my 2011 Apex and found the pipe welded to the back of the EXUP unit with a crack on the edge of the weld half way around the pipe. Also found cracks on some of the welds in the front of the unit. The EXUP exhaust is made out of Titanium, and the replacement cost is $2800 from a dealer near me! Here is a picture of the crack in the weld , with some other pictures of the repair! I am a professional welder with 40 years experience, and Titanium must be welded with extreme care! I also do Stainless Steel. Make sure to check your Exhaust before it breaks off! If you need yours welded, contact me! Tried to upload pictures to no avail??

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    pictures have to be a certain size to be uploaded or hosted on a picture site.

    might get more interest over on as this is the 2 stroke site.
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    He should also be posting this on, images need to be 1024x768 max
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