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    Finished the top end rebuild, got her all put back together. It went a lot better than I had hoped. Started it up and she purred like lioness. To some a rebuild is commonplace, but as it was my first time, it was a big deal for me. TY is a great site to use when you are second guessing yourself. The knowledge base he is incredible. Thanks in particular to: a couple of bucks, maim, murder yamaha, super1c, norwegian, and 03 viper guy. Sometimes it may have seemed like I wasn't listening, but, I was.
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    05 Sx 700 Triple Mountain Viper Deep Powder Special

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    Good deal.
    Have you done anything with the needles in the carbs to prevent another melt down ?
    1997 Yamaha XTC
    700 Redhead, Mr. Viper ported, CPR pipes, SRX reeds, Heelclickers, Dual bulb, LT Ohlins

    1997 700 SX
    Thinned head gasket, Gutted Airbox, Reed Spacers, Bender Pipes, Viper Shocks, 51/43 helix 89L weights

    2004 Viper S
    SLP pipes, peak performance head,

    2001 SRX 700
    Power Inc. Pipes, Loaded 8DN20's, Hauck Y 51/45

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    Didn't have a melt down. Did it mostly for fun and experience. She had 8500 miles anyway, figured it was time. Here's the thing, when I tore it down the pistons looked more like 2000 miles than 8500. Gotta love these yamahas. I had already bought new pistons, so I put them in.
    05 Sx 700 Triple Mountain Viper Deep Powder Special

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