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    As our machines age and wear I realize things won’t fit like new. However finding three machines with tracks that shrunk (or seem to have) in the last year, and never finding one before ( maybe I was ignorant to this issue) seems odd.
    Sled one a cat that sat for ten years and shrunk to the point of braking and bending the rail ends. I could play a tune on that track it was so tight.
    Sled two a 90 Phazer with a nice poo track. Not overly tight but was at short end of adjustment and tighter than I would like it.
    Sled three a 96 Venture TR. stock track. At 1k on the odo, and very tight. Again the adjuster set as short as I can get it. I know tracks will stretch. I am just curious if others have experienced this and what the outcome was?

    96 Phazer ST
    96 VentureTR
    93 Venture GT
    90 Phazer XL
    04 SnoPro 440/700

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    Having worked in the rubber industry for 10 years, I would guess that the tackafiers(tack) was not adjusted correctly. The tack(stickiness) needs to be increased for the cooler/cold months for the building and curing of rubber products.

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