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    Default Winter tires

    This is actually the first time I'll be installing a set of winter tires on my truck. I've been running with all-weather tires for a long time because it felt practical to be able to use it in any given weather conditions. Now, I'm considering winter tires because I want to see the true capability of my truck in snowy terrain and condition. I am in need of a suggestion of what winter tires should I look for. I've checked Nitto tires NT-SN2 winter tires, I could say that I am pleased with its specs and good to know that it has the sizing that I need as well. Just to make sure, I want to hear recommendations from other people.

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    well i tried salun ice blazer wst2 with studs (legal here in northern ontario) on my old 2010 silverado for the winter of 2018-2019. i hated them as they had almost no bite to get moving. they where great for stopping but that was about it. brother has them now on his 2500hd and says the same thing and that truck was almost 1000lb heavyer than my 1500.

    the best tires i have tried so far are, dayton studdable mud tire that has been discontinued (ran without studs), goodyear silent armour (not studable) and the goodyear duratrack with studs witch is my favorite. on my 3rd set so far. i have tried 2 or 3 others but nothing grabs the snow to get moving like the duratracks and they stop well for me.
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    I'm not familiar with local laws in USA or Canada, or what wheel size you have, but NOKIAN HAKAPELITTA always seems to be a solid choice for winter tires.
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    Goodyear wrangler duratac...had these installed on my fathers Chevy in Jan on the rear(studded also).Unreal traction for a 2WD .Truck could go anywhere in the deep snow/slush with weight in the backVery heavy tire(8ply).You could feel the unsprung weight of it on the rear with nothing in the bed.P1010011 - Copy.jpg
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