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Thread: Carb removal and install in Phazers and Exciter 570's

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    Default Carb removal and install in Phazers and Exciter 570's

    I have done this at least a dozen times and I am wondering if there is any easier way. In either case I unfasten the retainers for the air box, Phazer the one of two bolts under the dash, and in the case of this Exciter I am working on, there are two I believe, under the dash and another close to the brake caliper. Either way, there still isn't sufficient clearance to pull these carbs without mangling or dropping clamps into the belly pay. I am looking at possibly pulling the motor mounts just slide the engine forward.

    So if you have any suggestions, the backs or my hands look like hamburger, and I'd really like to make this easier if at all possible.

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    following. about to have to do this to finish a project one started 15 years ago.
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