I am in need of help. I have a new to me 1997 mm700 with a problem at about 7000rpm. the machine is snappy and sounds crisp till about 7000 rpm then can hear the tone of the engine change and not as crisp it is like it falls out of the power band. Have had the machine to the dealer for a chocking problem and they also set up the Holtzman vari flow which was not plumed properly. Had the machine out for a ride yesterday plugged the hose of the vari flow on the pto carb, run great till about the 7000 rpm then again falls off. I do not no where to start, the main jets are the proper ones for the machine and the pilot jets are also the proper ones, the reed petals have been checked and are good, should I lean out the needles to stay in the power band not to sure what to do.
Thanks for the help everyone