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Thread: 96 Vmax4 Comet primary w/Polaris secondary?

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    Default 96 Vmax4 Comet primary w/Polaris secondary?

    I recently purchased a 96 Vmax4 with 16XX miles. The sled is all set up for lake racing, Aaen quad pipes, Gforce reeds, lowered , lubers, a Comet primary, and a Polaris secondary. I want to switch the secondary back to Yamaha so I can use my any of my Yamaha helix. What am I looking for, are they all the same? I'm told the Primary is Vmax4 only, would like to change that back to factory also. Where can I find these? Any help is appreciated.

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    The Primary can be swapped to a Yamaha clutch doesn't have to be for the vmax 4 but you will have to modify the bolts for the stator housing because they will rub on the clutch, the non moveable sheave is machined on the back side for clearance on a stock vmax 4 clutch. Secondary should be vmax for ease I know srx secondary's can be made to work but I believe the splines need to be machined back.
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    here is how to put the secondary from a sx to apex yamaha sled. when i run out of spares for my old stuff, this is my plan.
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