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Thread: Yamaha bravo crank seal installation help

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    Default Yamaha bravo crank seal installation help

    just got a used running engine for my bravo 250 and i noticed when i was putting it together that there was i small (maybe one inch) section of the central lip of one of the seals that wasnt there. i thought it had torn off when the p/o took it apart but wnen i looked at the old crank seal it was the same way. now i should have asked this question before i put it all back together, but i got impatient. was that void in the lip of the seal suposed to line up w/ something like a fuel/oil passage or does it not matter? i couldnt find any info online about the seal. the only post on changing bravo seals said it was a cut and dry change and didnt mention the void in seal lip. what can you tell me? thanksD3173D7B-AD6E-4922-A55B-9A9BC7BBD48E.jpeg

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    I don't think the manual indicates the orientation. I have seen them with opening on bottom or on front. I always put on bottom.
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