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Thread: down to 100psi accross all 3 on vmax 700 new rings or nah?

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    Default down to 100psi accross all 3 on vmax 700 new rings or nah?

    sled still rips but decided to do a compression test and showed 100psi. if I do rings should I do pistons too? and what aboit the jugs? should they be fine or do I have to spend alot of money to get them replated?

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    cant complain. speedo hasnt worked in 4 or 5 years and its at over 6k miles. I'm not exactly easy on it either

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    The actual reading on a compression test varies greatly between gages. Usually what you look for is a difference between cylinders of more then 5-10% or more. If they are all reading the same they are probably OK. I use a snap on compression gage and make sure the throttle is wide open, all plugs removed, and 5-6 good pulls on the recoil to get my max reading.
    If you are going to bother replacing the rings you might as well replace the pistons but the cylinders should be fine unless there is visable scoring.
    700 Red Heads are known to have four stroke type reliability and it is not uncommon to find one with in excess of 20000 miles.
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    haha yeah I am thinking of it aint broke don't fix it but would hate for it to chunk a piston and do alot more damage at the same time! I have a craftsman. I do wide open throttle also.

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    probably needs rings at minimum. they help prevent the skirts from collapsing and breaking apart.
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    100 psi on a redhead after only 6000 miles? Check your compression gauge on another sled with known good compression before you do anything.
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    it had 6000 miles on ot 5 or 6 years ago. speedo stopped working

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