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Thread: my 01 srx 700 vs 99 xcr 800

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    There are some gopro videos of xcr's on youtube. They sound neat(not as good as srx)but it didn't seem to be as fast as mine or maybe the speedos are more accurate on those. It was a 98 or 99 700 I watched. it ain't broke, its probably a good idea to take it apart anyway!

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    I hate to do this, being not only a new member here, but also a a HUGE SRX and VMAX4 fan (have Bender-piped 92 MINT VMAX4 ripper), but the 99 XCR will win this race, stock versus stock, both sleds properly clutched. Every time. I have the advantage of being NOT biased, here;-). 99 XCR800 was the highest output triple 800 ever tested by American Snowmobiler (159.2hp) and weighed in at 555 pounds dry. The SRX, great as it was and still is, 145hp on a good dyno day and 525 pounds dry. I had the 01 SRX (biggest mistake motorsports ownership decision I ever made was to sell it, showroom clean with only 90 miles back in 05 so I could finance a crotch rocket! Ex AMA superbike racer rekindling 2 wheel race days I guess;-). So I LOVE the SRX, but after buying a mint 99 xcr800, properly clutched from a professional mechanic, riding that rocket ship, I'm sorry guys, but it's just faster. When that Fuji hooks up, it's over fast. Ridiculous midrange. And where the biggest difference resides is in roll-ons from 40mph up, and top speed. The SRX is great, but displacement takes over as it should per the laws of physics. There will always be an SRX here and there set up properly that beats a poorly set up XCR, but even-Steven, no way. Even going by the 'seat of the pants' feel, it's a difference that is immediately evident to the driver. Thundercat over XCR by a few sled lengths in 1000, the XCR leading until the end of that stretch, and the SRX behind both by a fair bit (4-5+), all 3 setup well is just the way it plays out more often than not :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by j2hizzo View Post
    buddy didnt put more than a mile on it before it cold seized pto side.....maybe next year
    Not so fast now ehh??

    They have to run to compete.

    I'll take a Yamaha any day.

    I reserve the right to change my mind if someone can prove to me it needs replacing.

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