Sticky crank, split case or just clean?


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Sep 13, 2021
Hey guys, I picked up an 01 SRX700 with a melted piston. Unfortunately water got into the case a few weeks ago and I kept spraying WD40 in it to help keep it loose for now, but it's finally starting to get sticky and catch when rotating (I know its my fault I didn't get to it sooner). Now I'm debating if I keep soaking the inside of the case and crank with 2 stroke oil and slowly rotating it, then eventually dumping it all out obviously, or do I split the case and properly scrub everything? I don't know whats all involved in splitting a case and if you need to replace crank bearings then too. I was told by a local shop that they don't make crank bearings anymore, is that true? The sled itself is absolutely mint with 2200 original miles so I don't want to half-ass the rebuild. And if there's any surface rust on the crank or rods, can that just simply be scrubbed clean and that's it? Or will it need to be totally replaced?


May 2, 2003
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If you split the cases and pull the crank out. Then what? Still nothing you can really do with that. You can't scrub bearings they are good or bad and if rusty no good. You said "sticky and catch when rotating" could this be the magnets on the flywheel you are feeling. When you spin a crank in the case with flywheel and stator it does feel like its resists and is sticking as you pass a magnet.
Engine with 2200 mile is fairly low. Personally i would run it. I remember your last post. Sounds like a piston, gaskets, and head. Bolt em on and run it. The other alternative is to purchase an engine or short block.