Where/how to find gears for long tracking a 97 MM700A


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Jun 23, 2024
I'm in the middle of putting a Polaris xtra light skid and a 151 Camo 2" 2.52 pitch under my triple piped Mountain Max.

I'm dropping to an eight tooth avid extrovert driver but I know I need to drop my gear ratio from the stock 22/40 (1.88) to maybe 18/42 (2.33)

With all that 'figured out' where the heck do I even find gears to buy? Seems like I'm missing something in my search.

Just checking, If that sled came with a 9 tooth driver and now you are dropping to an 8 tooth driver, then you plan to drop the gearing down to an 18/42 that would give you a 1 to 1 clutch ratio top speed in the low to mid 70 mph depending on the shift rpm of the pipes. I am not sure what you are doing with the sled but that seams a little low. You may get enough ratio change lower with just the 8 tooth drivers. I would think you could still get gears from Yamaha. I am pretty sure they should be HYVO gears. There are probably cheaper places to get them. Haven't tried in a while.
I am dropping to an 8t 2.52 but I'm also riding 9-11.5k feet of almost entirely boondocking and powder running chutes, side hills and creek blasting in the rockies

I was able to find the 18 and 42 from Hauck Power sports out of michigan, but should I maybe go to 20/40 or 18/40?

Very little of this sled's life sees flat snow or ice. Basically everything is cutting powder trails and going uphill through trees