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Thread: What is better on the front suspension?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxviper-s View Post
    Sled looks great!!
    Castle X Gear and more...

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    Thank you Mr Sled.
    It is a work in progress. Getting there.

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    Sweet! I love these vipers, I'll always keep mine! A boss seat and you'll be in heaven.
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    its funny reading this thread.. as new viper owner (2 red vipers) and being a big guy (360 geared) Im learning alot about suspension on these sleds.. It started off with me inquiring about doing a skid swap removing the pro action and replacing with a doo skid sc3.. Most of the answers that I received advised me to just get the shocks revalved and add heavier springs. Then I stumbled upon an ebay product (drop brackets) that are supposed to add 3 inches of travel by lowering the rear of the skid. After receiving feedback on those, it was determined that it was a gimmic and here is why from what I understand..

    1. These sleds are designed to sit low in the back for weight distribution in relation to the front suspension design
    2. Swapping the skid is really only beneficial if you have the Ohlins in the front

    My question I guess at this point would be, what is driving the hate factor on the proaction suspension? is it the amount of travel? is it poor shock valving and spring tension from the factory? is it all of it?

    Why do I ask this? because It will cost me around $250 to get the shocks revalved and new springs. For alittle bit more, it seems like I could do a swap on the skid with a doo sc2 or 3 for about the same amount but then still have to revalve and spring the shocks, plus fight with the front suspension to get the balance.

    If someone would be willing to dive into explaining what the hype is on the hate against the proaction skid and what the true benefits are on skid swap vs. just revlaving the shocks, springs on proaction.?

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    wow that's a great lookin ride!!!

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