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Thread: Stock 2001 SRX 700 primary - A fresh start

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrviper700 View Post
    no, it wont work on a 97 sx, you don't have a long spring cap on clutch and the weight will be too heavy resulting in low rpm and poor performance. 8 dn20 weights from a 2000-02 srx will work good in a sx but youd have to use a lot lighter rivets as the weights are already heavier then stock. a longer spring cap from a srx will allow you to use the long springs as well. 51/43 helix works good in a sx. do you have any parts besides stock to work with?
    No I do not, All I have are the stock parts that are on the sled.

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    Roller question: I already own a set of new 16mm. If I use them in place of the 15.6mm, would the .2mm (~.008") more from the center of the screw to the outside of the roller have a significant effect? I understand that the RPMs will be higher by comparison, but will it be much and what does it mean in the roller chart when it says "decrease force"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
    What's a great setup that will just keep pulling my arms off.
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    If Mr. Viper & 3:16 are happy w/ those angles, I’m sure it’ll be an arm stretcher.

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