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Thread: 99 mm700 Trailing arm bolt

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    "hillbilly shuffle", lol. That's exactly what it is.

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    i unload it from back of truck all the time hill billy shuffle style but have learned that once you get 1/2 the track off of the tail gate you have to gun it to get it to go off evenly. always unloading by myself too so i make sure it goes right the 1st time.
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    You guys are awesome. Thanks for the tips. Unthreading it from the heim joint was incredibly easy once I got this skid plate off.

    Also wondering if this skid plate is an aftermarket add on? I can't imagine riding without it because it blocks some low vents that would quickly fill with snow when riding off of groomed trails. It's labeled "hole shot xt6"

    Anyway. Now I just need to wait for the new control arm...

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    Yes, its aftermarket, and no you don't need it.
    I have one on my SX, and none on my others. None of them fill up with snow.
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    Alright! New part arrived this morning, and got it all back together. We still have at least 4 feet of snow, with 6 inches fresh yesterday. Tomorrow is a great to ride!

    Thanks for the help guys

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