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Thread: setting up your suspension

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    I have to say thank you to all that have contributed to this thread.. Be the viper outstanding work bro.. However, rehashing the subject beating the dead horse.. I now have 2 vipers (ER) Im about 370 geared and fed. If someone would help me sort out exactly what I need to do to get my sled from bottoming out I would greatly appreciate it. Im already working on step 1 for 2018 to drop atleast 20 pounds this year, but with the vast amount of information overload and this proaction skid not being of the norm to other sleds, I need a Step 1, Step 2 , Step 3 etc.

    I know i need to revalve the shocks and probably get a stiffer spring?

    My ride style is just sticking to the trails but I like to get on gas every now and then on them nice turns and in the straights.

    Please help a brother out.

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    Hello everyone , I have a 98 700 XTC I have owned from new. Time to redo seat and a few other things.
    I found this thread which I have found very useful, I have a question.
    This statement mentions a different center spring from a SX or SRX sled. "First thing we need to do is to take care of a bad idea, the front track spring in the xt/xtc/venture sleds. Throw it away. Install a stiffer rate spring. One from the front of an srx or sx sled works good."
    Should I use the same year SX spring or does it matter if I use a year 2000 spring which is cheaper? The year 2000 has three options compared to one for the year 98 SX.

    Thanks a lot if anyone can help. Robert

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