1998 vmax 700 xtcp


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Sep 19, 2022
EDIT: I just realized I posted this in the wrong section sorry !!! I have two 1998 vmax 700 xtcp’s , on my original the bottom end went causing a mild fire . Ended up finding a second xtcp at haydays recently and couldn’t pass up the opportunity (new sled was only a few hundred more then a new red top) now I’m swapping over the bender triple pipes, clutch kit etc from my original sled . My father originally bought the first one from haydays brand new in 1998 and installed all of the parts around that time so I can’t find much info about this stuff. So I’m down to the transfer rods on the rear suspension, in the first pic the blue transfer rods are the ones my dad installed in the original sled and I know these are bender racing ts300’s , I was going to swap them over to the new sled and discovered that this one has some sort of aftermarket transfer rods as well (I think) I’m looking to identify these and hopefully gain some insight into what’s better between the benders I have and whatever these are and how to adjust them if I end up keeping them. Thanks in advance !


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