Aftermarket eps


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Jun 14, 2024
I have a Yamaha rs professional VK10W 2007 that has only done 3000 km and in new condition. Unfortunately it requires its man as it is extremely heavy steered, and now with the right of age I thought I would cost it an electric power steering. The rs professional II eps seems to have the same chassis like my machine, and now I'm wondering if anyone has converted a 2007 with eps. From what I understand, it would be possible if you buy a steering column (8LP-23813-00 COLUMN,STEERING 2 ) servo motor (3B4-238B0-30 POWER STEERING ACTUATOR ASSY )as well as (8HG-859A0-11 POWER STEERING CONTROL UNIT ASSY) and (8LP-23816-00 ARM,PITMAN ) holders can be made from standard 5 mm steel sheet. Is it possible to connect signals from the speed sensor directly to the pcu, or is it possible to somehow get past the canbus signals as my machine lacks an ecu but is only equipped with an ignition unit. Alternative if this turns out to be impossible, I thought of installing an EZ steering unit that is not speed dependent. So-has anyone tried to install eps in this early rs professional?


this question would get better response over on as this is the 2 stroke site.