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Thread: SXVenom Build - Running Log

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    Good to hear the bearings in that center shock work well . Do you mean new bushings in the lower W arm mounts, or is there a way to get bearings in there too?

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    yes bushings, i almost guarantee that they have turned to dust. drill and tap grease fitting into the lower mounts. it will make them last alot longer, then replace with new bushings and shim them if necessary
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    Well I didn't work on this nearly as much as I wanted this year. I should be getting the rebuilt shocks back from Hygear tomorrow. I also bought a 3" block riser to get the height back when I put the MX bars on. Should end up around 1/2" taller than stock bars. Powermadd suggests cutting the nub off of the stock lower bar clamp so it sits flush on the riser, think I'm just going to put the riser on the drill press and drill a hole down for the bar clamp to sit into instead. I'd rather keep the stock components unmodified.

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    I cut that nub off all my sled with risers. Not needed and never was a problem.
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    Trying to put the Pro Taper 7/8"-1 1/8" adapters on my sled with a 3" block riser from Powermadd. I cannot find the correct length (115mm) button head socket cap screws to make this possible... Regular socket cap screws will not work as the head is too large and the bars will not sit flush in the adapter. The button heads can only work, but I can not find any in 115mm length. Anyone know of any vendor?

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    Here's some photos if it helps. You can see the setup I'm trying to do, it'll be the stock stem/steering post, to the 3" riser, to the stock lower clamp, adapter, bars, then upper clamp to adapter. First photo shows a 110mm regular socket cap screw (too short, need 115mm) for length, second shows why the same one will not work (will hit bar), and last shows the difference in what I need (left) vs. the same previous bolt.

    I really didn't think it would be this find to find some bolts, I can't be the first person to do this...
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    Found some in 120mm, but I'm not paying $190 for 100 bolts when I need 4.

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    $1.86/pcs %7C~%20~%7Ccategoryl2:%22600039%20Sockets%22%7C~%2 0~%7Ccategoryl3:%22600040%20Socket%20Cap%20Screws% 22%7C~%20~%7Csattr01:%5EMetric$%7C~%20~%7Csattr05: %5E120mm$%7C~&resultsPerPage=48
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    Thanks bucks. I ended up putting a 7/8" bar on it instead and didn't bother with the whole adapter. It's a Pro Taper bar RM bend. Put OEM grips on it but needed an extension between both sides. My dad used to work in shops and happened to have the right connections, I believe what is used here was from a 70's bike. Also put some Cycra hand guards on it, needed to bend the brackets so they wouldn't hit the windshield so easy. Still rub it a little but are in a good position I think. Fired it up tonight and sounds good, just currently dealing with a TORS issue:

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    Did some local riding this weekend with a friend. Within the last mile back to the trucks today I hit something buried in the snow that I didn't see hard enough to bend my right trailing arm. Wasn't going very fast, maybe 20 or so, hit hard enough to rip the bars out of my hands... Was hoping Kimpex made a replacement but looks like they only make them for the short spindle sleds...

    Nothing seems to be binding, I can still wiggle the tie rod around even. I'll keep it on for the rest of the year then see what I want to do. OEM pricing is about $350...

    Edit: Found this, never heard of Extreme Sport Parts, but it looks pretty damn close to OEM. Might be worth trying it out.
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