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Thread: SXVenom Build - Running Log

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    Good to hear the bearings in that center shock work well . Do you mean new bushings in the lower W arm mounts, or is there a way to get bearings in there too?

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    yes bushings, i almost guarantee that they have turned to dust. drill and tap grease fitting into the lower mounts. it will make them last alot longer, then replace with new bushings and shim them if necessary
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    Well I didn't work on this nearly as much as I wanted this year. I should be getting the rebuilt shocks back from Hygear tomorrow. I also bought a 3" block riser to get the height back when I put the MX bars on. Should end up around 1/2" taller than stock bars. Powermadd suggests cutting the nub off of the stock lower bar clamp so it sits flush on the riser, think I'm just going to put the riser on the drill press and drill a hole down for the bar clamp to sit into instead. I'd rather keep the stock components unmodified.

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    I cut that nub off all my sled with risers. Not needed and never was a problem.
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