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Thread: Years with Yamaha SXViper

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    Bulkhead is okay, if front shocks bottom that causes bulkhead cracks. Most biggest problem is front cooler and sump shield rivets. All rivets are loosen or off. I think i'm going to replace them with long 6.4mm steel rivets and add some aluminium profile.

    But today i finally get engine running, that feeling was awesome
    ready (2).jpg
    One exhaust flange is leaking a little, but i think that i'm going to put some heat silicon, i don't want to cut and weld those pipes anymore. It was pretty annoying job to get everything fit and build those silencers.

    Next step is build exhaust gas temperature meter and paint some YAMAHA logo to seat, like original seat. And also i need to find some motivation to create a code for arduino, i already have a 4-channel egt-k "amplifier" and all connectors ready!
    I think that it would be most easiest way buy some, but i wan't to make everything by myself.
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    Yamaha SXViper 2002
    2" riser
    44" stance
    Blue headlight cover
    DIY windshield
    18.9" fox floats on front end and 18.7" fox float on rear skid
    Tunnel stiffeners and protective tube

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